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Replacing hot water cylinders correctly

Suffering with low water pressure or heating issues? If you're considering replacing hot water cylinders, we can design the most energy efficient upgrade or replacement for your unit and home.


Improved efficiency, long-term cost savings

Compare and contrast the latest hot water cylinders and heating systems. You will be amazed at the potential cost savings and eco-friendly benefits that Walton Plumbing can suggest to you.

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Both domestic & commercial

Homes to hotels, hospitals, rest homes to schools, and more. Our Master plumbers provide hot water cylinder replacement/calibration services for large commercial sites, as well as your residential home.

Hot Water Cylinders Replacement Christchurch

Struggling to find a reliable tradie? Do you suspect you may need a hot water cylinder replacement? Whether it can be repaired or needs replacing, hot water cylinder issues tend to be a matter of urgency. We have an excellent reputation built over 90 years of trading, a team of senior tradespeople and a fleet of vans waiting for your call. We offer the full range of plumbing services to domestic and commercial premises, advice on the latest hot water cylinders, energy efficiency and the ever-changing regulatory scene. If we can’t answer the phone immediately, we guarantee to call you back within 15 minutes, that’s our promise. Whether your hot water cylinder needs to be repaired or replaced, we're here to help.
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Hot Water Cylinders Replacement Christchurch

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Repairing or replacing hot water cylinders with minimal fuss

Our reputation in the plumbing Chch sector often goes before us, allowing us to create hugely beneficial relations with leading hot water cylinder manufacturers. This ensures we have access to a huge range of replacement products and parts for hot water cylinder repairs, technical assistance and warranty work. As a company with 90 years of experience, we have been there and done it, many times. We have watched the changing hot water cylinder repairs market, seen the emergence of eco-friendly products and huge efficiency gains. Let’s discuss your options?
Staying one step ahead of plumbing regulations NZ
A simple upgrade could boost your hot water system

Is your cylinder costing you money?

Have you consider the pros and cons of a hot water cylinder replacement? Is your current system on the verge of giving up? Are you prepared to put up with reduced efficiency and increased costs as your hot water cylinder comes to the end of its natural life? We can advise you of the pros and cons of the latest products, future changes and how this fits with regulations. Are there alternatives you should be considering? Over the years we have dealt with gas heating systems, heat pumps, solar and electric power. We have watched as our market developed, enhancements were announced and efficiency gains grabbed the headlines. While it is easier to do nothing and retain your current heating system, there may be more viable alternatives and reasons to consider a hot water cylinder replacement. Indeed, from time to time the government provides finance for those looking to switch to more environmentally friendly heating systems. Call us to arrange a no-obligation free quote, the opportunity to discuss your options in more detail.

Commercial Service Agreements

While best known from domestic plumbing services, we have a strong and expanding commercial service. Walton Plumbing provides advice and guidance on repairing and replacing hot water cylinders for businesses across Christchurch and Canterbury. Over the years we have adjusted and redesigned water systems for older homes, hotels, hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, offices and schools. As a means of giving back to the community, we offer free advice and practical assistance for school sports events. We customise hot water maintenance, calibration and servicing agreements allowing you peace of mind and safe operations in your business. Regular repairs and maintenance will extend the life of a hot water cylinder system, helping with cash flow and reducing short term expenditure. We also follow plumbing regulations NZ as they continue to impact us and our customers. Being proactive rather than reactive, forward-thinking rather than sitting on our laurels is crucial when advising those in residential and commercial premises.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any government assistance to upgrade my hot water cylinder?

The New Zealand authorities will from time to time announce financial assistance as they continue to target net zero. As a homeowner or a business, we can sit down and discuss the options, together with any eligible schemes.

Why would my business need a hot water repair and maintenance contract?

Regular hot water maintenance and repair contracts ensure that your hot water cylinder, plumbing and water pressure are checked on a regular basis. Regular repairs can substantially extend the life of your hot water cylinder with potentially significant cost savings.

Is it time to consider a tankless hot water system?

Effectively offering hot water on demand, tankless hot water systems are energy-efficient, subject to less wear and tear and can reduce energy bills. Many individuals and businesses have started to switch!

The changing world of hot water cylinders

We have been there, done it, repairing and replacing hot water cylinders in homes and businesses across Christchurch. As a member of the plumbing Chch community, we have a reputation second to none, experience and the knowledge to help homeowners and businesses. In the past we have redesigned hot water systems for older homes, care homes, schools, food processing plants, hotels and much more. Has the time come to replace your hot water system? Is it time to look at an eco-friendly system or one of the on demand hybrids? There is no harm in checking out your options…call us today.

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