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Your one-stop shop for  plumbing solutions. Our experienced team of qualified plumbers offer practical solutions to often technical problems.


Plumbing design, installation and more

Many commercial customers require the full package, plumbing advice/system design through to installation and maintenance. We do the lot!

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Commercial Plumbing Christchurch

Commercial plumbing, Christchurch-wide, has a varied reputation but we broke the mould! Plumbing design to basic maintenance, advice and guidance, we do it all with one eye on the latest plumbing regulations NZ. Our team are available 24/7, ready to take your call. If we are busy with another client, we will call you back within 15 minutes, guaranteed.
Walton Plumbing has a deep seated history in Christchurch, servicing commercial premises for several decades. Hospitals to hotels, rest homes to food-processing plants, not to mention offices, we have been there and done it. How can we help?

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Maintenance and troubleshooting

Commercial plumbing maintenance for business premises is for many not an option but a necessity. Maintenance and troubleshooting are what we do best at Walton Plumbing, often tackling those small issues today so they aren’t big problems tomorrow. Maintaining your business premises in good working order is a legal requirement; failure to do so will impact your business and damage your reputation. We provide plumbing troubleshooting services tailored to both domestic and commercial clients, providing the best cover possible.

"An plumbing themed set with copper pipes, joints, plumbed service plans and tools (T-Joint is marked with a British/European Standard reference number and the size 15mm)"

Plumbing design

Whether you are moving premises, starting a new business or you need a redesigned water system for your existing property, we have a plumbing design team ready to answer any questions. Our technicians are highly qualified, transparent and upfront, providing the best advice available. We work with the leading brands, are up to speed with the latest technology and pride ourselves on finding solutions to sometimes tricky plumbing design projects. This is where our experience comes into play!

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Commercial plumbing installations

When we agree a time and place, rest assured we will be there, no ifs no buts! Business downtime will be kept to a minimum, notice given well in advance as we appreciate the need to keep your commercial premises open. Our team of highly skilled technicians will be in and out as quickly as possible, leaving your premises immaculate, as if we hadn’t been there. While some Christchurch plumbing services have a mixed reputation for reliability, that’s not our style.

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Staying ahead of plumbing regulations NZ

Commercial and domestic plumbing regulations are constantly changing, the environment is front and central, and some companies find it difficult to keep pace. We have a team that focus on plumbing regulations NZ and forthcoming changes, ensuring that we are ready for all eventualities. Overlooking regulations can be costly; some installations can become obsolete without detailed preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, it really is as simple as that.

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Alternative plumbing solutions

Many people wrongly assume they are stuck with the plumbing system they inherited; change would be costly with limited efficiency gains. We are up-to-date with the latest technology, latest plumbing systems and solutions, as well as flexible and innovative. If there is a solution we will find it, if there are efficiency gains to be had, we will seek them out. Proactive rather than reactive, we have saved our clients thousands over the years.

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High quality Christchurch plumbing services

Whether you are looking for a commercial gas plumber or help with commercial plumbing installations, our experienced team are ready to help. Hotels to hospitals, schools to rest homes, we have been there and done it, and lived to tell the tale. We are transparent from start to finish, no hidden costs or nasty surprises. Our on-site technicians are also equipped with the latest technology, able to offer advice and guidance when required. We seek to provide solutions not more problems!

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