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Our team are available 24/7, ready and waiting to help with those emergency drainage repairs. Call us anytime!


Identifying the root cause

We have the latest technology to identify the root cause of blocked drains, allowing us to carry out immediate repairs.

prompt reliable

Drain repairs can get messy!

Drain repairs can be tricky, messy and unpredictable. However, rest assured we will leave your home clean, tidy and damage free.

Clearing Blocked Drains Christchurch

Walton Plumbing provides a range of services including drain cleaning, Christchurch-wide, with our extensive team of skilled tradespeople on call 24/7. We are regularly called out to cafes, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, schools, private homes and more. The process of clearing blocked drains is relatively quick; we have the equipment, the technology and expertise. By identifying and clearing blocked drains as soon as possible, this minimises damage and time lost for businesses. We appreciate time can be of the essence, so if you have an issue with blocked drains, give us a call today.
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Short-term fixes, long-term solutions

Due to our high-tech communications, our team of experts will be well aware of the issues you are facing before they arrive at your premises. It is important to address the short-term fixes with one eye on long-term solutions and cost efficiency. Each hour your business is closed is costing you money and uninhabitable homes can lead to expensive alternative living arrangements. After fixing the blocked drain, we will sit down with you to discuss the problem, solution and any additional considerations.
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90 years in the trade and counting

Whether clearing a drainpipe or fixing blocked drains, Walton Plumbing tradespeople are experienced and instantly able to identify the subtle tell-tale signs. Clearing blocked drains is now second nature to our team of experts, having seen it all over the years. Using the latest equipment, we can very quickly identify, rectify and repair blocked drains relatively quickly. However, we strongly recommend against DIY repairs, what may seem like simple fixes, as they can often lead to expensive additional repairs. Cracked pipes, increased pressure and simply shifting the blockage from one place to another can prove costly! In many ways, customer service is as important as the repairs themselves, keeping clients abreast of what is happening, timescales and the cost of repairs. For example, clearing a drainpipe is relatively simple, but any short-term fix must also incorporate a long-term solution. It may be sensible to replace the drainpipe and look towards different materials in order to avoid future problems. Returning time and time again to fix the same problems is not cost-effective and unfair on customers. While we will instigate short-term repairs we also have one eye on the future and long-term solutions.

High-tech solutions for low-tech drainage problems

Walton Plumbing tradespeople use the latest high-tech drain clearing equipment to quickly identify and rectify what can turn into expensive repairs. CCTV cameras are used to identify the problem, with water blasting, internal suction vacuums and seasnakes ensuring the blockage is removed as quickly as possible. While many people dismiss tell-tale signs such as sinks not draining, wet patches outside and pungent smells, a small blockage can often turn into a big problem if not addressed. We believe our role is as much about educating our customers as repairs and maintenance. In order to maximise the skills and experience of our tradesmen, we fully appreciate the need to invest heavily in training. There is no point investing in the latest equipment without providing the necessary training. This equipment allows us to look into every nook and cranny, and underground to track and trace current and potential issues in the future. While our tradespeople are able to spot the vast majority of issues immediately, new tech allows us to record, replay and revisit blocked drain footage at a later date. This ensures that we get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible and nothing is missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attempt a DIY fix of my blocked drains?

No. Attempting to fix a blocked drain can create additional issues, cause more damage and potentially land you with a hefty repair bill.

Is a blocked drainpipe really a big problem?

Possibly. A blocked drainpipe will not only create a backup of water but could also cause issues with building walls and insulation. Damp can be an expensive problem to fix!

Do I need to look at long-term solutions?

If you’re drains are constantly blocked, or your drainpipe is backed up with water, a short-term fix may not be the long-term solution. We will help and advise you on your options.

Repairs, maintenance and more…….

Here at Walton Plumbing we appreciate the need to address short-term fixes but we also have one eye on long-term solutions. Returning time and time again to fix the same blocked drains or clearing a drainpipe is not cost-effective. We carry the latest technology, are able to track and trace any blockages/leaks and advise customers of alternative solutions. Customer service, reliability and trust is as important as fixing those troublesome blocked drains. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as the most reliable plumber and drainage services company in Christchurch, we intend to keep it!

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