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Efficiency gains on tap

Whether using reclaimed water, or sonar equipment to trace and repair leaks, there are potentially huge efficiency gains for many homes and businesses.

Plumbing Regulations NZ

In line with the rest of the world, plumbing regulations NZ are becoming stricter, more focused on the environment and efficiency gains. Are you looking to upgrade your existing hot water system? Whether it is gas, electric, heat pumps or solar, there is a lot to consider. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming environmentally friendly systems are less efficient, that is just not the case. We have seen huge developments in technology, new systems arriving on a regular basis and significant cost savings going forward.
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Plumbing Regulations NZ

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Staying one step ahead of plumbing regulations NZ

Whether looking at the latest efficiency gains, using reclaimed water, locating and fixing leaks as quickly as possible or checking out the new tankless on demand hot water systems, there is a lot going on. It is our job to stay ahead of the game, keep up-to-date with regulations and potential changes going forward. We live in a world where the environment is front and central, efficiency gains are demanded by the authorities and many homeowners and businesses are confused. Let us guide you through this maze of rumours and counter rumours, new regulations and future changes.
Staying one step ahead of plumbing regulations NZ
A simple upgrade could boost your hot water system

A simple upgrade could boost your hot water system

As governments and regulators around the world continue to target net zero, we have seen huge changes in the commercial and industrial plumbing sector. New technology is being released on a regular basis; efficiency savings are significant with reduced environmental impact. Many people assume they need a new hot water system to abide by plumbing regulations NZ, this is not always the case. Some simple changes to the plumbing design and some technology upgrades can make a huge difference to your hot water system. We invest heavily in training, health and safety as well as regulatory changes. All of our tradespeople are up to speed with the latest developments, have a range of reference points for additional information and backup services at head office. Trained to evaluate your hot water system, look at the pros and cons of any technology and adjustments, they will provide the right solution for you and your budget. We can also advise on new build residential and business properties, where the plumbing regulations NZ are different to existing properties. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to give us a call.

We have access to all the main brands

We work with all of the main brands in the plumbing industry, the traditional established merchants to the latest entrants. Intense competition in the sector has led to better value for money for consumers and businesses, and a greater range of products. The introduction of new plumbing regulations NZ means that every plumber in Christchurch needs to invest time, money and effort in this changing world. We have been investing in our employees for 90 years, building a reputation second to none and a team of reputable tradespeople. By working with all market participants, we can provide you with a cost effective solution for any hot water heating system. We have the technology to test and repair existing systems, clear drains and increase water pressure where required. Grease traps to catch wastewater together with separation traps to filter heavy metal in business systems, reducing your environmental footprint. Many customers are now conscious of the environment, potential damage from some systems and how their money is being spent. Rest assured, we will not only provide efficiency gains but also reduce your environmental footprint. A win-win!
We have access to all the main brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my current hot water system out of date?

New environmental regulations are confusing homeowners and businesses. While new installations need to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, many existing systems are still delivering.

Are there any other regulatory changes on the horizon?

Yes. It is important to keep up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations, deadlines going forward and your environmental footprint. Talk to us, this is our job!

Are environmentally friendly hot water systems more expensive?

Environment friendly does not always mean higher costs! It is also important to balance the initial cost against long-term efficiency gains and reduced running costs.

Walton Plumbing, keeping you up-to-date since 1931

As plumbing regulations NZ continue to tighten, we have introduced efficiency gains into the office, our equipment and the services we provide. We are now more aware than ever of our environmental obligations, spreading the word to our customers and providing the best solutions at the lowest cost. Honest and upfront, we will tell you whether your current system needs a partial upgrade or full refit. While here to help, offering guidance and support, the ultimate decision is yours. Why not give us a call today? We have worked hard to earn our reputation as the most reliable plumber in Christchurch.

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