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Does your bathroom plumbing need re-piping

Simple plumbing repairs or a spot of re-piping can make a huge difference to bathroom water pressure. When did you last get your water pressure checked?

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Problems with your bathroom plumbing? Suffering electrical issues or need simple repairs? We offer the ultimate one-stop shop.

Our bathroom plumbing services

We offer the full range of bathroom plumbing services, prepping your bathroom for a full renovation or being contracted as a simple toilet unblocker. Some of the more common issues covered include leaking vanity units, waste build-up in the shower/bath, together with water pressure and temperature problems. With a history going back more than 90 years, our experienced team of qualified tradespeople have access to an internal parts warehouse, and they carry commonly needed parts covering all of the major brands. This means we can solve your plumbing emergencies, any time of the day, and more reliably. Call us today, whether you need new bathroom plumbing prior to a full renovation, a new heating system installed or something as simple as a leaky pipe repair.
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Why is my radiator not heating up?

There may be a number of reasons why your radiator is not working properly, but it is more likely than not down to trapped air. How do you check this? If your radiator is hot at bottom but cold at the top, this indicates trapped air. In order to remove this trapped air, you will need to blead the radiator by undoing the bleed screw. Once undone, you should hear a hissing sound as the trapped day is released. Alternatively, give us a call and we will have one of our team with you as soon as possible.
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Tackling the most common bathroom appliance issues

Is your shower waste slow to drain? Many people fail to realise but it is important to maintain all areas of your bathroom. A buildup of water round the plughole could indicate a number of issues, many of which can be fixed relatively quickly. It might be something as simple as hair and waste building up over the years. Alternatively, the u-bend could be blocked or there are too many bends in the waste pipe. We can advise you of the best way to maintain the waste pipe and catch the shower waste and hair before it causes a problem. You won’t need to wade ankle-deep in your shower ever again!

How can I avoid condensation and damp in my bathroom? It is strongly recommended that you should have an extractor fan in your bathroom. A fan helps to remove steamy damp air and household insurance companies will often demand one is installed to avoid potential damage. Indeed, you will also find that many bathroom product warranties may be invalidated if there is not a fan in the bathroom. Constant exposure to moisture and dampness can ruin furniture and cause mirrors to “silver”. Over time, it can also damage paintwork, especially that on the ceiling in the immediate vicinity of your shower or bath.

No repair too small or challenge too big

While other plumbing companies pick and choose their jobs and neglect the minor problems for the big paydays, we cover everything. Today’s relatively innocuous leaky pipe could be tomorrow’s flood problem; unmaintained plumbing could leave you short of hot water and struggling to cope. While we are renowned for fast and efficient plumbing repairs, we offer the full range, from bathroom redesigns, pre-renovation, to full installation. We have been there, done it and seen every issue you can imagine with bathroom plumbing!!

Is your toilet blocked, or is the water failing to run away? Perhaps your basin has stopped draining, and there is an unpleasant aroma? Is your bathroom piping old and needs replacing? Maybe renovations and increased usage is putting pressure on the old system? Bathroom plumbing Christchurch-wide has a mixed reputation with unreliable tradespeople often grabbing the headlines. Many will pick and choose repairs; they can be late and unpredictable, often failing to offer value for money. We are very different! We see each callout as a potential long-term customer, whether fixing a leaky tap or designing a plumbing system for a modern bathroom.
No repair too small, no challenge too big

Frequently Asked Questions

Which showers work best with your hot water system?

Did you know that the type of hot water system in your home will determine the best type of shower for your bathroom? Many people assume that every shower will work to its maximum efficiency with any hot water system. This is not the case – let us help.

What should I do if a water pipe bursts in the bathroom?

If a water pipe bursts in your bathroom, the first thing to do is switch off the water supply and any electricity in the immediate vicinity. Then give us a call, we will ensure that one of our team is with you as quickly as possible. It is important the burst pipe is fixed asap to avoid lasting damage to your bathroom, and other areas of your hom

How can I make my bathroom eco-friendly?

We are up to speed with new eco-friendly regulations, emerging trends and the latest technology. For example, eliminating water leaks, insulating pipes, opting for on-demand hot water and toilet upgrades are practical ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. The list is endless!

We have the answers to your bathroom plumbing problems

From bathroom plumbing design to installation, repairs and maintenance, we offer the full range of plumbing services. Experience is wasted without reliability, and expert tradespeople sold short without a backup team - we have all the pieces of the jigsaw. Day or night, we are available for all your plumbing requirements, from leaking taps to faulty piping, electrical issues to wholesale plumbing changes. We will walk you through the process, advise and guide you, ensuring you are fully satisfied before leaving the job.

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