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Fast and reliable, professional and knowledgeable, our tradespeople carry spares for immediate repairs.


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Whether or not you have a maintenance contract, we are available 24/7 with tradies ready to hit the road as soon as we know the issues.

prompt reliable

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Honest and upfront, we provide advice and guidance on redesigns and upgrades, maximising your existing system.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Christchurch

Time is money in the world of commerce; we appreciate that as much as any business! Plumbing maintenance, Christchurch-wide, has a problem with reliability and value for money. However, we provide a 24-hour plumber service as part of our commercial plumbing maintenance contracts. If we can’t answer immediately, we promise to call you back within 15 minutes, guaranteed. Regular repairs and maintenance can stop a small problem becoming a catastrophe further down the line. Akin to an insurance policy, we are available 24/7 and will have one of our tradespeople on the road in a matter of minutes.
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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Christchurch

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One-off callouts to commercial maintenance contracts, we provide the lot

We provide the full range of commercial plumbing repairs, with a fast, efficient and reliable service. Many clients prefer a long-term maintenance repair contract, which often prevent small problems becoming catastrophes further down the line. Conscious that time is money, when your business is closed your income is at risk, we will be in and out as quickly as possible although we never compromise on safety. Don’t put off that repair we can do today, until tomorrow, it won’t fix itself!
One-off callouts to commercial maintenance contracts, we provide the lot
Quick fixes to redesigns, we cover everything

Quick fixes to redesigns, we cover everything

Here at Walton Plumbing we provide a one-stop shop for your commercial plumbing needs. Quick fixes today can avoid lengthy and costly repairs tomorrow. Whether you have an issue with water pressure, your heating may be compromised or your commercial activities ground to a halt, we can help. Our senior team of tradespeople are skilled in plumbing, gas fitting, electric systems, drainage and more. We have access to a broad range of spares, some stored on site while others are available for immediate delivery, minimising your downtime. We provide a huge range of services from emergency plumbing repairs to unblocking sinks, down-pipe repairs to workplace renovations. Simple re-piping can improve water pressure, extend the life of your system and save you money. Maybe you’re looking for a more efficient environmentally friendly hot water cylinder? It may be that your existing model has seen better days and supply is suffering? Indoor plumbing issues can be related to external drainage problems, which is another area in which we specialise. As well as decades of experience, we have the latest equipment to identify faults and system issues. When the problems are identified we will provide the solutions, fast and efficient, you won’t know we have been there.

Maximise efficiency gains, minimise environmental impact

Using the latest plumber troubleshooting technology, we can identify potential efficiency gains while minimising the impact on the environment. Our 24-hour plumber service ensures that every commercial plumbing repair is carried out as soon as possible. Testing and repairing backflow installations, water blasting pipes to remove blockages and cleaning drains to ensure efficient flow ways will all increase efficiency and minimise long-term running costs. It is important to minimise downtime, keeping your business doors open; rest assured, we are conscious of the commercial pressures. While aware of tight budgets, it is important to appreciate the efficiency gains of a new hot water cylinder against ongoing repairs to your old system. You may decide to opt for one of the new water on demand heating systems which has no water cylinder. This is environmentally friendly, reduces wastage, with significant space savings. Whether on a commercial plumbing maintenance contract or not, we also provide roof repairs, sink and toilet unblocking services together with simple plumbing alterations to improve water flow and water pressure. Our commercial plumbing services take in office blocks, rest homes, hospitals, schools, and more – give us a call today.
Maximise efficiency gains, minimise environmental impact

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of businesses can take out a commercial plumbing maintenance contract?

Commercial plumbing maintenance contracts are available to all types of business. To date we have covered everything from food processing plants to offices, schools to hospitals and more.

Do you provide a 24-hour commercial plumbing repair services?

Yes. We provide emergency plumbing services for both residential and commercial premises. If not available immediately, we will call you back within 15 minutes and get our team on the road.

Can you advise on environmental issues?

As more businesses look to improve their environmental credentials, installing the latest eco-friendly hot water systems, we can provide you with advice, guidance and installation services.

Walton Plumbing, helping to keep the lights on at your business

Commercial plumbing maintenance contracts are an important element of your business costs. Regular repair and maintenance can avoid catastrophes and major expenditure further down the line. Our 24-hour plumber service ensures that issues are fixed as soon as possible, minimising downtime and avoiding further damage. If you require any type of commercial plumbing repair, give us a call, we will get our team on the road as soon as possible. Don’t put off a simple repair today that could become a major problem tomorrow.

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