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Our team of drain unblockers are on call 24/7, just a phone call away. Reliable and efficient, here to fix your problem, we won’t let you down!


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We are constantly investing in the latest tech, cameras to seesnakes, draining kits to internal vacuums and more. We will find the problem!

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The one shop solution to your problem, the quick fix to floods, drainage problems and pungent odours. Business or domestic premises, call us today.

Looking For A Drainlayer, Christchurch?

Have you been struggling to find a drainlayer Christchurch-wide? Is drain blocking a major problem but retail drain cleaners don’t work? We specialise in the jobs you don’t want to do, drain unblocking, seeking the source of horrendous smells and finding the reasons for those wet patches outside of your home.

We have the latest equipment from miniature CCTV cameras to water blasters, seesnakes to internal suction vacuums and more. Available for domestic and commercial premises, we work with hotels, café’s, restaurants as well as servicing agents. Give us a call today!

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Check your drains with our CCTV cameras

In years gone by, it was difficult if not possible to quickly find the source of a blocked drain, without flushing the whole system with drain cleaners. Using the latest CCTV cameras, these miniature devices allow us to look inside your drains and see exactly what is going on. Finding the source is one thing, providing the solution is another. Water blasting is quick, efficient and extremely effective, giving your drains a new lease of life.

Providing emergency repairs when you need them most

Regular drain maintenance can save a fortune

Our drain blocking experts use the latest RIGID SeeSnake cameras which allow us to create a full diagnostic analysis of your pipes and drains. Recording the data, to review later, this ensures that nothing is missed and problems are rectified as quickly as possible. Using the RIGID SeeSnake cameras we can also identify potential problems of the future, signs of corrosion and the beginning of potentially damaging blockages. Proactive rather than reactive!


Water blasting drains is quick and effective

High pressure drain jetting, or water jetting, is a highly effective, if not messy, means of unblocking pipes and clearing drains. Pumping constant high pressure water through the offending drain will remove any blockages, clean the inside of the pipes and leave your home blockage free for a good few years. Whether a home or business premises, rest assured, we will leave your property immaculate, you won’t even know we’ve been.

Hot Water Cylinders Replacement Christchurch

24-hour senior level emergency support

Whether looking for advice and guidance, an on-site visit or maintenance contract, we offer 24-hour senior level emergency drainage support. We provide long-term solutions to potentially long-term problems, no short-term sticking plasters. If left unattended, drain blocking will only get worse, impacting other areas of your home and the cost of repairs could skyrocket. So, don’t ignore that slow to drain bath, constant flooding in the garden and strange noises from your plumbing, do something about it today.

Quick fixes to redesigns, we cover everything

Laying new drains/redirecting existing piping

Does your home suffer from regular flooding? Are there constant wet patches in your garden? It may be time to look at installing a new drainage system, or redirecting an existing one. There are many tell-tale signs such as standing water, blocked sinks and problems with your bath. We pride ourselves on being able to spot these issues instantly, looking to head off future problems before they get any worse.


Solutions to your drainage problems

Is your bathtub taking too long to drain? Perhaps you are hearing strange noises from your inside plumbing? It is important to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to drain unblocking, small problems can very quickly escalate into major repairs. We have CCTV cameras and water blasting equipment, drain cleaning kits and internal suction vacuums; we will find the problem and supply the solution. We have a team of highly trained tradespeople; able to advise on plumbing, drain unblocking, drain cleaners, heating, water systems and much more.

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